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Friday, November 16

2:00 PM - Registration Opens
Location: Lobby

3:30 PM - BC Seniors Liberal Commission - General Meeting
Location: Plenary Hall

The BC Seniors Commission is hosting their General Meeting with special guests the Hon. Carla Qualtrough, Member of Parliament for Delta, and Gordie Hogg, Member of Parliament for South Surrey–White Rock. Hear what the candidates for the BC Seniors Liberal Commission Board have to say, and see how you can get involved.

3:30 PM - Young Liberals of Canada in BC - General Meeting
Location: Vaseaux Workshop Room

The Young Liberals of Canada in BC are hosting their General Meeting with special guest Terry Beech, Member of Parliament for Burnaby North-Seymour. Hear from candidates for the YLCBC Board, and see how you can get involved as we approach the 2019 election.

3:30 PM - Indigenous Peoples Commission in BC - General Meeting
Location: Columbia Room

The Indigenous Peoples Commission in BC is hosting their General Meeting. Come hear from candidates for the BC IPC Board, and explore the ways that you can get more involved as we head into 2019.

5:00 PM - Messaging as a Conversation Training Session
Location: Columbia Room

Messaging is a vital aspect of any campaign, and something each team will have to think about and utilize every step of the way through Election Day. Come learn how to build strong messaging to inspire new volunteers and voters.

5:00 PM - Fundraise to Win
Location: Vaseaux Workshop Room

All campaign teams will need strong grassroots fundraising support to run their campaign, reach more voters, and elect their Liberal candidate. Take this session to understand why people donate to a political cause, learn how to create a budget for a local campaign, how to develop a fundraising plan to meet the campaign’s budget, and get comfortable with making a fundraising ask!

Featuring: Ron McKinnon, Member of Parliament for Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam

5:45 PM - BC Women’s Liberal Commission - General Meeting
Location: Plenary Room

The BC Women’s Liberal Commission is hosting their General Meeting. Come hear from candidates for the BCWLC and see how you can get involved with the team!

7:00 PM - Opening Ceremony
Location: Plenary Hall

Featuring: Colin Basran, Mayor of Kelowna; Suzanne Cowan, President of the Liberal Party of Canada

7:30 PM - LPC(BC) Board Accountability Session
Location: Plenary Hall

Featuring: LPC(BC) Executive Board

Engage with the LPC(BC) Board about our BC team’s work to grow our movement in this province over the last two years.

8:00 PM - LPC(BC) Bear Pit Session
Location: Plenary Hall

Featuring: Candidates for the next LPC(BC) Executive Board

Candidates for the next LPC(BC) Board will share their goals and hear from you about how we can keep growing our movement across BC ahead of the 2019 election campaign.

8:00 PM - Opening Reception
Location: Vaseaux Workshop Room

Featuring: Hon. Carla Qualtrough and our Liberal BC Caucus

Join our BC Caucus and special guests for an evening reception!

9:00 PM - Young Liberal Speaking Contest
Location: Vaseaux Workshop Room (during the Opening Reception)

A decades-old tradition. Listen to the rhetorical stylings of Young Liberals from across BC at the Young Liberal Speech contest! Help the judges decide by cheering on your favourite young orator.

9:00 PM - Registration Closes (will reopen at 7:30AM, Saturday, Nov 17)

Saturday, November 17

7:30 AM - Registration Opens
Location: Lobby

8:30 AM - BC Indigenous Peoples Commission Breakfast Fundraiser
Location: Columbia Room

Join the BC IPC and special guest, the Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould, MP for Vancouver Granville, for a breakfast in support of the Indigenous Electoral Endowment Fund! All proceeds of this fund go to helping elect more Indigenous Liberal candidates across Canada. Tickets sell fast, so be sure to purchase yours online or at the registration table.

9:00 AM - Featured Panel: Investing in British Columbians
Location: Plenary Hall

Learn how the important work our Liberal government is championing in Ottawa connects with voters in British Columbia. Join us for a panel discussion with local Members of Parliament and special guest, the Hon. Mélanie Joly, to find out how national initiatives like the Canada Child Benefit, the National Housing Strategy, and further investments in better roads, bridges, and transit benefit our communities.

10:00 AM - Liberal Party of Canada - National Update and Election Readiness
Location: Plenary Hall

With less than a year remaining before the next election, the Liberal Party of Canada is working to be more ready than ever before for the upcoming campaign. Join us for an update on national election readiness, grassroots fundraising, mobilization, and new campaign tools for the year ahead - with Suzanne Cowan (President, Liberal Party of Canada) and Braeden Caley (Senior Director, Communications - Liberal Party of Canada).

10:45 AM - Campaign Planning
Location: Vaseaux Workshop Room

Ready to start campaigning? Come learn the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to create a campaign plan for your riding! During this session, you’ll learn each element of a successful campaign plan, the importance of a written plan, and how to time and sequence various tasks.

10:45 AM - LPC(BC) Bylaw Plenary
Location: Plenary Hall

11:00 AM - Building Your Story
Location: Plenary Hall

Join us for an interactive session with Members of Parliament, past candidates, and volunteers to help build your own persuasive personal story. From that conversation on the doors to a live debate, creating a compelling personal story is an important tool every campaigner, volunteer, and candidate should have.

12:00 PM - Keynote Speech and Lunch
Location: Plenary Hall

Featuring: Hon. François-Philippe Champagne, Member of Parliament for Saint-Maurice - Champlain

1:00 PM - Ensuring Safe Spaces and Ending Harassment
Location: Vaseaux Workshop Room

Our new Safe Campaigns training program will equip volunteers, staff, and candidates to show leadership in creating safe and inclusive campaigns.

1:15 PM - Protecting BC’s Environment and Growing Our Economy
Location: Plenary Hall

The Liberal Government is taking action to fight climate change and protect a clean environment while growing our economy, and making historic investments to protect our coast with the new Oceans Protections Plan. Join us for an engaging panel discussion with the Hon. Jonathan Wilkinson on this important priority.

2:15 PM - Knock Knock - Who's there?
Location: Team Trudeau Hub

Come practice knocking on doors and making the hard-ask, during this quick 30 minute session!

2:15 PM - Building our BC Team – from 2011 to 2019
Location: Plenary Hall

The key to success in any campaign is building an incredible team of volunteers, fundraising, and identifying your voters. Join us for an informative panel on how we won in 2015, the road to 2019, and why you matter to the future success of the Liberal Party of Canada here in BC.

3:00 PM - Building our Team - Volunteer Recruitment
Location: Vaseaux Workshop Room

Successful campaigns depend on a strong volunteer team. Take this session to learn why people volunteer, what makes for a good volunteer experience, how to mobilize and manage volunteers, and understand the long-term relationship building needed for an effective volunteer plan.

3:15 PM - Celebrating 25 Years with the Hon. Dr. Hedy Fry
Location: Plenary Hall

The Hon. Dr. Hedy is the longest-serving woman in the history of Canada’s House of Commons, and she has won eight consecutive elections in Vancouver Centre. Hedy is a champion for human rights and LGBTQ2 equality both in Canada and abroad, and has also served as Canada’s Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Health and Welfare, Secretary of State for Multiculturalism and the Status of Women, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development.

3:45 PM - Liberalist 101 - How to Build a List
Location: Team Trudeau Hub

Learn how to build an effective volunteer recruitment list for your local riding, in this quick and informative 30-minute session.

4:00 PM - From Grassroots Policy to Legislation - The Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis
Location: Plenary Hall

Learn about how this important policy progress started as a grassroots Liberal policy resolution, and where we are now with the legalization and regulation of cannabis.

4:30 PM - Identifying Liberal Voters
Location: Vaseaux Workshop Room

Door knocking, phone banking, and identifying your voters are central to any campaign. Learn more about finding your supporters, planning appropriate follow-ups, and the tools available to organizers and how they work together.

5:00 PM - Growing from 3 to 30 to 300 - Tips on Mobilizing, Recruiting, and Growing your Team
Location: Team Trudeau Hub

Join us for this quick 30 minute session about how to organize your volunteer leads and teams effectively!

5:00 PM - Add Women, Change Politics - Organizing to Elect and Mobilize More Women
Location: Plenary Hall

We know that when women have a seat at the table, organizations gain huge benefits in terms of diversity of thought, creative ideas, and more comprehensive approaches to problems. The Liberal Party is home to incredible, inspiring women in leadership roles at all levels of our party and in government. Join us for a conversation with Liberal women as we tap into their expertise and experiences in party politics.

6:30 PM - Judy LaMarsh Reception
Location: Columbia Room

Join the BC Women’s Liberal Commission and special guest speakers for an evening fundraising reception to support women running as Liberal candidates in BC and across Canada! Tickets sell fast so be sure to purchase yours online or at the registration table.

7:00 PM - Registration Ends

Sunday, November 18

9:00 AM - Get Out the Vote!
Location: Vaseaux Workshop Room

Getting out the vote (GOTV) is the culmination of intentional base-building, a great message, well-designed field programs that engage volunteers to ID and persuade voters, and high-functioning campaign teams. Come learn how to get out the vote in your region!

10:00 AM - Town Hall with Pacific Caucus
Location: Plenary Hall

Join us for a town hall conversation with our BC Members of Parliament, focused on how Liberal government is delivering real change for British Columbians and the hard work still ahead of us.

11:15 AM - Remarks by Incoming LPC(BC) Director and Announcement of the New Board
Location: Plenary Hall

11:20 AM - Closing Remarks & The Year Ahead - With Pam Goldsmith-Jones and Steve Fuhr
Location: Plenary Hall